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  • This sounds amazing! I enjoy writing. I would love to be able to contribute to the digital journal. If you are interested to hear from the perspective of an IEN, I would very much love to be able to share my journey! ------------------------------ Carlo ...

  • Hello, Thank you, I will consider it. I love writing :) Natalie ------------------------------ Natalie Stake-Doucet Verdun QC ------------------------------

  • I am contacting you in my role as Editor in Chief of the Canadian Nurse digital journal. Our readership has been steadily increasing and we are excited that many nurses across Canada have chosen to write for us and share their practice wisdom and the ...

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  • Hi Tim - I had the same problem - would have loved to be there but never received a link. Jennifer Dunsford ------------------------------ Jennifer Dunsford ARNM WINNIPEG MB ------------------------------

  • Thanks so much Tim for your speedy response and update. Claudette ------------------------------ C. Holloway ------------------------------

  • Claudette, Thank you for making us aware of this situation. I apologize that you had this difficulty. We are doing an evaluation of the AGM including the registration process to make improvements for the future. This was the first AGM after implementation ...

  • Good day Mr. Guest, I registered for the AGM online but did not receive the link to attend. Message about this sent via email. Thank you ------------------------------ C. Holloway ------------------------------

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